Our expertise

Mazars Thailand offers a full range of accounting, tax, audit and business support services to international clients in seven primary areas

Accounting Outsourcing

Mazars can help you with your accounting requirements in Thailand, providing the financial information needed to help you monitor and optimize your business performance.


The Audit practice provides financial audit services for both Thai companies and subsidiaries of international companies non-listed and listed on overseas stock markets. Our team comprises Thai qualified CPAs and draws upon the Mazars’ Thailand directors’ international experience and qualifications.

Due Diligence Review

Ensuring that the acquisition or disposal of a business is completed successfully and at the right price is often a crucial component of an organisation’s development.

At Mazars, we can work with you on all aspects of due diligence and post deal transformation. We help to ensure that when you commit to a deal in Thailand, you are doing so on a fully informed basis, thereby minimising the risk of future surprises.

Tax Advisory Services

Mazars tax advisory team can support you with all aspects of Thai tax and International tax. As a global business we understand the complexities of working in a global economy.

Legal Services

Mazars takes care of full legal, secretarial and administrative services for a large number of clients.

HR & Payroll Services

For most businesses, employees are your most important asset. Ensuring that they are paid on time and that you have met all regulatory requirements is critical. The impact of not managing this correctly can have a significant impact on the success of your business.

ジャパンデスク Japan Desk

Mazars で は 、 日 系 企 業 へ の 業 務 支 援 を 包 括 的 に サ ポ ー ト す る た め 、 世 界 各 国 に ジ ャ パ ンデス ク を 設 置 し て い ます。